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Japan, January '18 (part one) - Tokyo, snow, and skiing

9 February 2018

In January I headed back to Japan, jumping on the opportunity to spend more time in a country that I love. The trip was prompted by my husband competing at EVO Japan 2018, but ended up being so much more. In these two posts I'll talk about the trip in general, and the event itself.


2017 into 2018

30 December 2017

Another end of a year means another time to look back, but also to look forward. As they usually do, 2017 has had both extreme highs and lows, as well as plenty in the middle.

Starting out with neural networks

24 November 2017

In this post I'll talk about the process I went through when starting to explore the strange and wonderful world of recurrent neural networks

Improving the discoverability and usability of open sports and physical activity opportunity data

1 November 2017

I wrote recently about how we’re working towards redesigning and redeveloping the OpenActive website (our redesign/development tender is currently open). As part of this we’re looking at people’s experiences of using open opportunity data, and how we can better support this by improving the data’s discoverability and usability.

Redeveloping the OpenActive website

13 October 2017

We’ve started the process of redesigning and redeveloping the OpenActive website, and as part of trying to do this openly we’d like to ask for your initial thoughts.

Render Conference – Being a keynote speaker and MC

18 April 2017

Render Conference is a two day, single track conference held in the beautiful city of Oxford, which is billed as a conference for front-end developers but actually manages to pack in so much more.


2016 in review

31 December 2016

An end of year summary post looking back at 2016.

net Magazine issue 286 – Exchange part two

26 October 2016

This post is the second in a series where I’ve been answering questions originally posed as part of a feature in net Magazine.

net Magazine issue 286 – Exchange part one

17 October 2016

For the November issue of net Magazine I was invited to contribute to the Exchange section, where each month four selected experts answer readers’ questions.

Pokémon Privilege

14 September 2016

Lessons we can learn about designing for everyone, taken from experiences with Pokémon Go.