I started speaking in 2011 at user groups in Europe before branching out into conferences a couple of years later. Since then I‘ve spoken at a wide range of different events globally, including Adobe MAX and EmpireJS in the US, From The Front in Italy, ACE! Conference and Front-Trends in Poland, and Fronteers in Amsterdam (amongst many others). As well as giving ‘standard’ talks I’ve also enjoyed progressing into the world of closing keynotes, and being MC.

My talks have spanned a range of topics, but I mostly enjoy giving those with a broad subject matter where I can speak about areas that are informed by my work. You can get a feel for the kind of things that I talk about in some of the below videos and links. In addition to conferences, I also speak at schools, universities, and private corporate events.

Further speaking information is available on Lanyrd, or you can view some of the Twitter feedback I’ve had on my talks.

If you'd like to hire me to speak at your event please have a look at my speaking FAQ page, or get in touch.

“I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Sally on our last two conferences, Render and The Lead Developer. On both occasions she has not only delivered a fantastic talk, but has also gone above and beyond to help us out as conference organisers. Her talks have received excellent feedback from our delegates, with top quality content, clear takeaways and an engaging and lively presence on stage. Sally has also worked with us as a compere for Render conference. She was fantastic to work with, and helped bring the conference to life between the talks. I can only hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again soon!” Jo Lankester, Managing Director, White October Events
Hosting Render with Ben Foxall
“At the Shropgeek (R)Evolution conference, Sally delivered one of the best talks I've seen. And, I've seen a lot of talks. She presented clear, well-thought out ideas in a way that took us with her. She was clear and imaginative, and any conference would be made better by her speaking. So, go and book her. Now – I'll wait.” Zach Beauvais, Shropgeek (R)Evolution


Past, present, and future talk details


Talk to be given at WebExpo 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

September 2018

Conference MC

Along with Ben Foxall I will be returning to host Render 2018 in Oxford, UK.

March 2018

Making the leap from execution to strategy

A talk about my personal journey of moving from day-to-day development into more strategic-focused roles, and what this has meant. Given at The Lead Developer conference in London, UK.

June 2017

Websites are a symptom, not the cause

A version of my Render keynote, tweaked to fit into a low-key night of talks on service design and digital transformation. Given at DXN in Nottingham, UK.

May 2017

Websites are a symptom, not the cause

Case study-driven closing keynote given at Render, Oxford, UK. Using real-world examples this talk aimed to get attendees to think about root causes of problems, and how to identify opportunities and make things better.

March 2017

All these moments will be lost in time: the web, the future, and us

A heavily sci-fi influenced and futuristic talk given at EmpireJS, New York, USA, talking about how we make digital projects more sustainable.

May 2016

Working with the web and the future

Given at Front-Trends, Warsaw, Poland

May 2016

All these moments will be lost in time: the web, the future, and us

Given at ACE! Conference, Krakow, Poland

April 2016

An introduction to open data

Given at Apps World, London, UK

November 2015

An introduction to open data

A talk aimed at introducing the concept of open data to those who may not be familiar, and to give them some examples of what it can bring to their work. Given at Fronteers, Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 2015

All these moments will be lost in time: the web, the future, and us

Given at R(E)volution, Shrewsbury, UK

September 2015

Open data: open your mind

Given at From the Front, Bologna, Italy

September 2015

An introduction to open data

Given at Web in the Woods, Kent, UK

September 2015

Choosing the "right" CMS (and other things)

A talk about how to select technology, and the things that you should be thinking about when doing so. Given at Front-end London, London, UK

May 2015

Choosing the "right" CMS

Talk given at a 'CMS night' at East Digital, Colchester, UK

April 2015

The Web Is our responsibility

Talk given at The Web Is, Cardiff, Wales

October 2014

With great power comes great (development) responsibility

Talk about making development choices, and how we need to think more broadly about concepts like accessibility and performance when we think about overall user experience. Given at From the Front, Bologna, Italy

September 2014

More Than Media Queries

Given at The Digital Pond, London, UK

August 2014

More Than Media Queries

Given at Responsive Day Out 2, Brighton, UK

July 2014

Mini hacks, big difference

Ladies Who Code, London, UK

October 2013

Frakking effective planning: not just for Cylons

Scotch on the Rocks, Edinburgh, Scotland

June 2013

Effective technical strategy and planning for mobile app

Adobe MAX, Los Angeles, USA

May 2013

An introduction to the modern web for the creative professional

A talk given on new HTML5 and CSS3 features at the Adobe Create the Web tour, London, UK

October 2012

Building dynamic mobile applications with ColdFusion

Adobe User Group, Brussels, Belgium

May 2011

Building dynamic mobile applications with ColdFusion

Adobe User Group, Paris, France

May 2011