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I'm Sally Lait, a digital technologist, speaker, tea drinker, and senior engineering manager at Monzo.

👩🏻‍💻 I've spent my career working with the web - agency-side as a developer up to Head of Technology, running a digital transformation consultancy, and now with Monzo. My former work has included projects with the RNLI, Electronic Arts, Sport England, Hotelplan, Nokia, SSE, Fulham FC, and Manor Racing F1 team (amongst others).

🎤 I've spoken at a wealth of conferences and meetups around the globe - everywhere from the USA, to Europe, and the Far East.

🏡 At present I live in Suffolk in the UK, where I spend time gaming, gardening, learning 日本語, collecting terrible hotel carpets, cooking, and illustrating manhole covers and train stamps.

🌟 I occasionally take time off to be involved in on small things outside of my day job (for instance I run workshops, and I've helped to curate the Render conference series). If you'd like to speak to me about this or anything else, please say hello!

Latest blog post

Exploring Web Monetization 💸

It's not often that I hear about an emerging web standard and I find my mind wandering back to it over the next few days, but Web Monetization has done just that. In this post I'll go through what it is, and why I think it's particularly interesting.

18 September 2019

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