net Magazine issue 260 – dConstruct report

Reading time: 2 mins

I got my subscription copy of net Magazine in the post today, and during my usual initial flick through was pleased to see a miniature version of my own face looking back at me. Back in August I’d been asked to report on dConstruct for the magazine, so had headed down to Brighton armed with my trusty battered notebook and a camera, just in case ‘proper’ photos weren’t being taken by anyone. Big thanks to my pal Oli Clark who put up with me taking notes and scribbling thoughts all day, as well as for his amazing collaborative Lego-building skills.

It’s always a bit awkward to read back your own slightly edited words, but if you would like to judge them for yourselves you can grab a copy and head to page 23 to read my incredibly objective and neutral thoughts on the whole affair (I’d clearly been spending too much time with the BBC). I did however manage to get the phrases “erotic fanfiction” and “fucked up” in there, so I’m considering that a moderate success.

net magazine - dConstruct

I never found the time or words to be able to sum up my more detailed and personal view of dConstruct, partially because no blog post could do the weekend justice, but I’d reiterate my closing link in the report and direct you all to the audio recordings to judge for yourselves should you wish to know more.

An un-cropped, less horribly compressed version of the header photo used on this page is available on my Flickr page under a CC licence if it is useful for anyone.