Mini hacks, big difference – LWC 2013

Reading time: 1 mins

I had the great pleasure of speaking at LWC 2013 in Shoreditch, London yesterday for my last speaking gig of 2013. It was a fantastic day, full of absolutely lovely people and some brilliant talks. In a happy coincidence a lot of the talks had similar themes and messages, and I was very grateful to be amongst such great speakers. Big thanks to Mint Digital and all of the organisers for putting together something that ran so well, to the other speakers for being so interesting, and for everyone who attended for being so receptive and great to talk to.

I’ve uploaded my slides in case anyone wanted to grab anything that they missed on the day, but I understand that a video of the talk will be made available shortly for anyone who wants to give it a watch. I’ll update this post and link to it from the slides once it gets put up.

Slides are available to view or download at Slideshare. If anyone has any questions, or if you think this talk would be a good fit for your event, please email me!