Today’s pastry

Reading time: 2 mins

I’m incredibly pleased that something I wrote has been chosen to be featured on The Pastry Box Project as today’s post. When I heard that the site was being opened up to general submissions, I came home, sat on the sofa, and promptly emptied my head of some thoughts that had been swimming around inside it for a few days. As with all good musings it had started out as a pub chat, this one occurring with a friend during an incredibly bland England match, and I had originally intended to capture the sentiment in a blog post at some point. The Pastry Box however seemed like an opportunity too good to miss, and thankfully Alex and Katy seemed to like it too. I always have the perception that it’s not really the done thing to show public excitement about this kind of thing (at least amongst us Brits) and you’re probably meant to stay all aloof and professional, but sod it – I have always really enjoyed reading the posts on the site and to be a part of it is genuinely pretty exciting for me. Thanks Pastry Box folks!

Have a read of my thoughts, which are on challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and to deliberately take difficult options, and then read back through the stream if you’re not familiar with the site as there’s some great stuff on there.

If you’d like to get involved too, do it! You can find more information about how to send in your thoughts on the Submissions page.