Catching up

Reading time: 2 mins

It has been a quiet couple of months, for reasons that will become clear in a blog post I’ll release in a week or so. Before that happens I wanted to catch up on something which is always nice to be able to do – share some success stories around a recent project that I worked on.

Fulham FC’s website was featured on Econsultancy as one of two Premiership clubs to be singled out for their digital presence.

It was also great to see that the site won an IMA Best In Class Award. These awards are great, as they are specifically judged on design, content, features and functionality, usability and standards compliance/cross-browser compatibility.

I worked on the project doing technical strategy, liaising with third party suppliers in order to establish the capabilities and limitations of their platforms, and working closely with our UX team to plan the site. It’s important to state that there were a number of other very talented people involved across all disciplines, not least the folks who actually built the site! We have actually just written an article for .net magazine outlining the processes we went through, so watch out for that in an upcoming edition for more information about everything we did.

Fulham are a great client to work with as they really embrace the potential of the web and want the very best for their fans. There are big things coming from them online in 2013, as well as some big site updates before Christmas, so be sure to keep an eye out for it all.