Create The Web session write-up

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As announced previously on this blog, last Tuesday I was very pleased to be able to speak at the London leg of Adobe’s Create The Web tour.

My session was ‘An introduction to the modern web for the creative professional’, a 45 minute talk which aimed to cover an overview of HTML5 and associated technologies, including some examples around its use within the industry.

Despite the venue having some technical issues I had a great time on the day and really enjoyed giving the presentation and being part of the event. There was a fantastic turnout with the auditorium being at full capacity, and I met a lot of really interesting people which is always one of my favourite things about attending events like this. Thanks to everyone who grabbed me afterwards for your feedback and kind comments. It was great to catch up with everything Adobe is doing first-hand, and I’d like to thank them for giving me such a great opportunity.


My slides were built on the Google HTML5 deck, which is available from, or you can check out Due to the slides/demos being optimised for Chrome and not wanting them to become buggy and out of date in the future, I’ve compiled a standard presentation which is available from Slideshare below. I’ll instead be releasing some small tutorials to illustrate the concepts demoed on the day over the next few weeks.

**HTML5 – Create The Web London **from sallyjenkinson


Adobe have released a short video as a snapshot of everything that happened on the day, which you can view below.

If you have any questions over the content of the presentation, want to discuss any of the points raised, or would like to discuss future speaking opportunities please feel free to contact me.