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Scaling yourself as an engineering manager

24 August 2020

When you think about “scaling” in the context of engineering, does your mind jump to thinking about systems, or about growing your organisation? Or maybe both! These are topics that have had a lot written about them, but what I’d like to talk about in this post is from the perspective of you as an individual: how to scale yourself as a manager.

Putting your company on a PIP

23 July 2020

In this post I talk about flipping around a common management tactic - the PIP - to help individuals move through periods where they’re feeling unhappy at work

The different stages of an engineering management career (to date!)

26 May 2020

I’ve recently had conversations with some engineers who want to know more about what my day-to-day looks like, and what my path has been to get here. I thought I’d write a post in case it’s useful to others.

Checking in on yourself

29 April 2020

We’re collectively living through a very strange time at the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to answer the question “how are you?” honestly, because you don't actually know.

The loneliness of management

13 February 2020

As a manager, navigating the path of building friendships and support networks at work can be more complicated than we may initially expect.

2019 into 2020

1 January 2020

Happy new year! It’s that time again - the Christmas break is drawing to a close, and I’ve got some headspace to look back on what the year has held.


Exploring Web Monetization 💸

18 September 2019

It's not often that I hear about an emerging web standard and I find my mind wandering back to it over the next few days, but Web Monetization has done just that. In this post I'll go through what it is, and why I think it's particularly interesting.

Calendar defrags

27 August 2019

Life as a manager means that I go to a lot of meetings. Over time it's very easy for them to get a bit unruly, and for your calendar to start managing you rather than the other way round. Every now and again I've found it's good to take stock, to tip everything out and start again, in the form of a calendar defrag. Here's how I approach it, and a tool you can use if you'd like to join me.

Five months at Monzo

28 April 2019

Since joining Monzo as an engineering manager at the start of December I've experienced a huge amount. In this post I wanted to capture some of what I've been up to, and what I'm looking forward to next.

Semantic calendar emoji

9 February 2019

Since returning to employee status I've been thrown back into having an absolutely stacked calendar. Over the last couple of weeks I've been playing with an emoji-based system to help me work better.