The kaiju have landed

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I’ve been working from home a lot recently, and the primary reason (outside of my extreme train grumpiness) is that since the start of the year I’ve been trying to coordinate being here so that I can bring home some kittens. The hope is that by being here daily I can settle them in, and attempt to stop them from causing absolute carnage amongst the assortment of brightly coloured, kitten mouth-sized toys that adorn the shelves and surfaces throughout my house. As much as I’m sure an x-ray of a cat with Lego in its stomach would inevitably get some retweets, it’s something I want to avoid if at all possible!

Although slightly later than we’d originally hoped, and after the very sad death of little Garrus who we were originally going to be bringing home, I now share my house, sofa, and keyboard with the exceedingly cute Selina and Kasumi. They’re 12.5 weeks old, and are totally nuts for cooked chicken.

Despite getting a message today complaining that I haven’t been spamming my social media channels with nearly enough kitten content, I don’t want to become that person more than I already am. What with my existing food-based instagram habit I’m now double the huge cliche I already was before. However, as previously mentioned, I’m big on documenting my life and will no doubt be taking a ridiculous amount of photos of them as they grow up. I’m going to try to preserve the high cat saturation levels of the internet and do my bit by sharing, but am aiming to keep it through one primary channel (though I can’t promise that some won’t end up in other places). As such, if you need any kitten stock photos, feel free to steal from my Cats Flickr album. So far the buggers are far too fast for me unless they’re asleep, but I’m sure more action photos will inevitably come.

As for work, I’m looking forward to having the combo of sleeper (Kasumi) and antagonist (Selina) pestering me all day over the next few weeks whilst I get my next batch of work jobs out of the way. I’ll make the most of it before I inevitably head back onto the great British rail network once more.

Kitten laptop