Speaking at From the Front 2014

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More news! Unless anything else comes up that I can’t turn down, my speaking in 2014 looks like it will be rounded off nicely by a trip out to Bologna to talk at From the Front conference in September.

I know I always say this (because it’s true), but I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s a completely different kind of excitement to Responsive Day Out 2, because:

  • There’s an Indiana Jones theme, which presumably means I can walk the whole time wearing my Indy hat all week, quoting Indy quotes.
  • I’ve not been to Italy since I was about 3, and all I remember about it is feeding some chickens wherever I was staying. I’m looking forward to seeing a bit more of it than that, and hopefully getting to take some photos.
  • It gives me a proper reason to learn yet another language to confuse my brain with.
  • It’s the first time I’ve spoken at a conference outside of the UK or the States.
  • Most importantly THE FOOD AND WINE! Oh, how I am looking forward to these.

Only a few people have been announced to speak so far, but one of those who has is Christian Heilmann. This is a really nice thing for me on a personal level. Christian was in the audience at my first ‘proper’ speaking gig, at Adobe’s Create the Web in London in 2012, and came up to speak to me afterwards. I really appreciated his feedback and comments at the time and it was great to speak to him, so it’s lovely to be a little bit more experienced in my speaking now, and to hopefully catch up with him again.

So what am I speaking about? Again, I’m not sure how much I can say yet, but it’s kind of an extension of my Responsive Day Out talk. With that, I only have around 15 minutes, and there are certain themes that I really want to expand on and discuss in more detail. I’m so glad that someone has given me the chance to do so, and the title of this is the somewhat different “With great power comes great (development) responsibility” – all clearly an excuse to buy more comics in the name of ‘preparation’.

Conference information

From The Front runs from September the 18th – 19th 2014, and will be held in Bologna, Italy. Tickets are available to buy now, so if you’d like to come and join me there then please do! Early bird pricing still applies at the moment, so be quick if you’re interested.