LWC 2013 session recording

Reading time: 1 mins

I’m really pleased that a video of my talk from LWC 2013 is now available online. Big thanks to Angie, Chris, and the folks at Mint Digital for the effort involved in making this happen.

(Video originally available here from here http://vimeo.com/82001994 where you can download and share and stuff)

The slides aren’t in shot, so if you’d like to follow along they’re here, and my write up of the day is here.

I’ve had one talk recorded fully before, but only as audio over slides, so this is very new for me. It’s quite bizarre watching yourself on stage in a way, as you can relive the experience from a totally different perspective. It’s definitely going to help me learn for the future though, as awkward as it is to watch yourself!

LWC was a great day, and I know that Mint are currently on the lookout for speakers for Devs Love Bacon 2014, so if you’re thinking about speaking I’d definitely recommend that you get in touch with them.