Train Bingo

Reading time: 2 mins

I appear to be in the middle of a patch of particularly rubbish train journeys at the moment. Every day I find myself keeping a mental tally of things that happen, with the same issues kept coming up again and again. I lent some rather tongue-in-cheek thoughts to a friend of mine’s blog post recently on the delicate subject of train etiquette and snoozing, but I felt like there was more I could do with this subject.

After a couple of days packed solidly with meetings this week I had an urge to throw something together very quickly just to spark my ‘doing’ brain back to life, and the two elements came together in a lunchtime/evening hack to bring you… Train Bingo.

This was all of less than two hours work, and was purely for my own amusement rather than being something thoroughly tested and stable, so it probably has bugs and stupid mistakes. But hey, if you too want to keep track of your daily commute irritations, then knock yourself out. It uses local storage to maintain the state of your card, so even if you only frequent the world of rail occasionally you’re able to play along.

Improvements already suggested include:

  • Keep a persistent tally of individual issues.
  • Do… something when you fill the card.
  • Every selection could fire off a tweet on that subject to a favourite train operator of choice.

Quite likely I will now move on to one of my many other pointless ideas floating around my brain, but if you have any additional ideas please let me know!