Raspberry Pi case

Reading time: 1 mins

Having got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas, up until today it had been sat in its original bag when it wasn’t being used. As such I decided to follow in the tradition of DIY cases and make an initial temporary case for the Pi out of Lego to give it a proper home and to hopefully reduce the likelihood of me mishandling it/getting tea on it/breaking it.

Using the remains of a 1999 Sith Infiltrator, and what could only have been a Creator Prehistoric Power set along with other bricks in my spares box, I was able to come up with the above.

The case is somewhat scrappy due to being made with whatever was available, and will be upgraded at some point, potentially to a Pibow as they look pretty smart. In a happy coincidence the colours of my Lego case do however match the branding of this site to an extent, so I’ll claim that was the intention all along.

Batman and a padlock icon brick were added to provide additional security to the case.