Creative BloQ article

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Having caught the writing bug recently I’m very pleased that I’ve had another article published, this time by CreativeBloQ, part of Future UK.

Not writing about technology for once, this piece is instead about one of my other interests – the world of designer toys. Before I started working from home my Lightmaker desk was absolutely covered with vinyl figures, but due to the practicalities of a few too many desk moves and less time spent actually at my work desk over the last year these have now all been migrated to my home office.

Aiming to cover pieces both newer and older, mass produced and boutique, cheaper and stupidly expensive, the article highlights creations which I think could help to brighten up the desks of others.

20 inspiring design toys for your desk

If you’ve seen any pieces that you like recently feel free to leave a link in the comments as I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration!