Mobile presentation slides

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I’m back in the UK after what I’m enjoying calling a mini European tour, and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that came to see me speak about mobile development in Paris and Brussels this week.

As a first time speaker this was definitely somewhat in at the deep end, but I really hope that everyone felt that the sessions were interesting and came away having learnt something. I’ve had some good feedback so far, so I’m hoping that I didn’t do too terribly! I had great fun doing both sessions, and I’d love to do more presenting in the future.

The Adobe User Groups do a fantastic job of creating a community, and obviously keeping attendees informed about a variety of topics, so I would urge you all to attend a local session if at all possible. Or perhaps submit a topic to speak about – it’s not as scary as you might imagine! Thanks to Aurélien, Cyril and Steven for having me, to Claude for being a great chaperone, and to everyone involved for making the whole process so painless.

My slides are posted below – thanks go to Ben Debnam for the sequence of graphics to go with the statistics – as a techie pictures of cats and devices I can manage, but Ben made my slides look a bit more like I know what I’m doing!

If anyone has any questions please feel free to get in touch, either via email (sally dot jenkinson at gmail dot com) or catch me on twitter (sjenkinson).

Slides at SlideSix: